Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Here at our in-house fabricating facility we design and fabricate structural steel for both the Industrial and Agricultural sectors to meet client’s desires with the aid of our skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Whether projects are starting from a Greenfield or Brownfield status our team has the ability to survey the site and evaluate all available options to suit the client.

Following site inspection we are capable of designing and fabricating any structures to comply with EN 1090 standard up to execution class 2 in our In-house facility and transport materials to site for installation/erection and associated works with the aid of cranes, telehandlers and mobile elevated lift platforms (MEWP’s) where necessary to ensure a safe working environment.


Refurbishment & Repairs Buildings

Through age, fire damage or due to extreme weather conditions structures can become compromised leading to safety concerns for staff working in these premises.

Upon an initial site visit we can evaluate the extent to which repairs need to be carried out to make the building structurally safe while meeting the client’s needs. Following on from the site visit an appropriate safe system of work plan (SSWP) is put in place to carry out associated works.


Many buildings which become structurally compromised are of significant age which can lead to the possibility of hazardous materials being incorporated into the design such as asbestos.

Asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) were commonly used in the construction industry from the years 1940 to 1985 when asbestos production peaked and were still in use up to the late 1990’s.

If these materials are to be removed the appropriate training must be carried out to ensure the procedures are carried out in a safe manner to reduce the risk of exposure to harmful fibres that may be released. This hazardous material is stacked and packaged on-site for removal To a licensed hazardous waste management facility.

Our staff have received the appropriate training to ensure that working with these materials is carried out in a safe controlled environment with the correct protection. All personnel employed receive the relevant training to their specific role within the company from Safe Pass, Manual Handling, Mewp, Teleporter, Banksman/Signaller, Working at heights, Asbestos awareness and removal and all relevant CSCS cards.



Guttering / Re-lignment

On existing buildings, leaks may occur in areas with a build up of water such as valley and eaves gutters.

Upon inspection we can provide services to determine the structural soundness of the gutter which may be compromised due to corrosion along with re-lignment to ensure a sealed gutter.

Bespoke Structures

Within our portfolio we have carried out a vast range of bespoke buildings and structures to meet the desired requirements set out by our clients.

Within our fabricating facility we can design and fabricate structures to suit the environment they will be positioned in on-site, to ensure the efficient functioning of the structure post completion.

Waste Management Systems

At our fabricating facility our team can design and fabricate efficient waste management systems such as skips for the waste management sector.

Some of our clients within this sector include Oxigen Environmental and College Proteins Group.

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